How Can I Find Used Car Dealers Near Me


Used Car Dealers Near Me How can I find used car dealers near me? Well these days its a lot easier then ever. Not only to find a used car lot close to you but also one that has good cash car dealers or reasonable financing offers on vehicles. Now you can simple go and google “used car dealers near me and you will be presented with about 20 or so option including the ads on the top and bottom as well as your local map listings and the organic car dealers listed below.

So you might ask yourself which listing is likely the most accurate one for a used car dealer close to my location? Answer is if you have your location turned on most of the time the map listings and the organic’s below it will be your best bet when it comes to really finding someone near you. Then I would hit the paid listings. Also notice the stars by the map listings. Those give you an indication of how many positive reviews that car dealership has. The higher the star rating the better the reviews.

How to pick from used car dealers near me:

Check Reviews

Which brings us to our next point when finding a reputable used car dealer close to your location checking their reviews is a good way to start the process. Remember most used cars don’t come with a warranty so the reputation of a dealer is even more important when your looking at used. Look at Google as well as Yelp reviews. Also be a bit leery of anyone with perfect reviews. They could be false, remember their is no way you can make everyone happy and some people will get their friends and family or a third party to post positive reviews that are not wholly accurate,

Get a Referral

Getting someone you know to refer a used lot is probably the best bet. Since it is coming from a trustworthy source this is likely the best way to find a lot that you can deal with and feel comfortable with.

Used 2007 GMC Yukon XL For SaleCheck The Used Car Inventory – before you take the time to go to the lot check their site and see if they have their automobile inventory online. This can save you the time of going and not finding anything that you are looking for or in your price range.

Financing or Cash Car Deals – decide if you want to just a get a car out right as in a cash car deal or deal with financing. If you have good credit then financing can be quite reasonable but if you don’t you might want to just save up and get a cash deal because you are likely to really take a hit on the financing if you are eligible at all. Quite a few of your smaller lots can get you second chance financing which if your looking to repair your credit might be worth it but just be prepared for an unreasonable interest rate. Considering that try and get the shortest term possible.

Extended Warranty

Some used car dealers will also offer you extended warrantee’s on vehicles that are eligible. These can sometimes be a good deal but you need to make sure you check over what the warranty covers and that vital components are covered.

As Is Or limited Warranty

Most used car dealerships sell their vehicles as is. This is not because they are trying to get over on you but just simply because its a car that is used and things can go wrong even after they have checked the vehicle and fixed any issues problems can still arise after the sale. Some lots will offer you a 30 day limited warranty or something along those lines. This will mostly be on newer model used cars.