About Us

Texas Cars & Autos is a used car dealer in Houston, TX. We specialize in bringing quality used automobiles to the public at reasonable prices. Most of our offers are currently in the from of used cash cars. This means you buy the vehicle from us outright and therefore save money.

Most of our cars come from high end car auctions around the country. We select vehicles with price as well as quality in mind. We go thru our inventory and work hard to disclose to you any imperfections or issues that we see to the best of our ability.

Please keep in mind these are used vehicles and are sold as is. Meaning we do not offer any sort of warranty on any of our vehicles sold. If you feel like you need one you might consider purchasing an extended warranty from a third party.

We have vehicles coming in all the time so check back if you do not see anything that works for you or contact us with a request and we can keep an eye out for the kind of automobile you require.

We do carry all sorts of vehicles likes trucks, passenger cars, vans and SUV’s.

We hope you enjoy our site and if you have any feedback please contact us and help us improve our service.