Us Vs. Texas Direct Auto


Texas Cars & Autos Versus Texas Direct Auto:Texas Direct Auto Houston

Well were the new kids on the block with the big heart looking to change how you look at buying cash cars. Texas Direct Auto is huge and established with a huge inventory. So why should you buy from us and not them?

Well first off Texas Direct Auto does not work in the price range that we do. Their inventory tends to consist of cars in a much higher price range and their focus is to finance you where we work in a more affordable price range and focus on selling you an affordable car for cash.


So here we go on a comparison of Texas Direct Auto vs Texas Cars & Autos:

Texas Direct Auto:

They are a huge Outfit with over 100k cars in stock that turns over around half a billion dollars in inventory in a years’ time. That maybe even more these days.

Work on financing and not cash – They tend to focus on cars that will need to be financed because the price point is too high to pay for in cash.

Texas Direct Auto Locations – lots of them all over Houston and more and more popping up.Texas Direct Auto Katy Location

Try and sell you on extended warrantees – one of their ways of making more money of car sales is to sell you on an aftermarket warranty for your vehicle that will generally add 1 to 2 thousand dollars or so to the financing. After market warrantees are ok just make sure that you read all the fine print and that things that might actually go wrong with your car are covered. If you are thinking about one of these research your vehicles year and model and see what known issue there are. Some vehicles have known issues for certain years. Then double check your warranty and make sure those issues are covered.

Not able to get you financed if you don’t have ok credit – If your credit has been dinged and you need to finance a automobile you will likely not get approved there but you may need to try a smaller lot that specializes in no credit or second chance financing. There are quite a few of those types of places around. Be prepared to pay a crazy amount of interest on second chance financing.  Also, be aware some lots just look to keep you paying and then repo the car when you miss a payment which will then turn in to penalties and other exuberant charges. If you don’t pay they get the car and sell it again.

Texas Direct Auto is more focused on selling cars that start at around 13k plus

Their focus is to sell cars at a higher price point then we do mainly because they rely on financing to make it affordable enough for you to get in to a vehicle of theirs. We tend to focus more on getting you in to a car that you can pay for cash and try to keep out prices low.

Texas Cars & Autos:Texas Cars & Autos Houston

We are smaller more focused on selling cash cars at affordable prices where you do not need to get financing. Our vehicles tend to be around 8 or more years old and do have mileage on them but we try and balance a reasonable price with a car that will still give you years of service.

Focus on cheap cars – While we focus on cheap cars we do also focus on quality and try and choose from cars that still have lots of life left in them. Do not let high mileage fool you most modern vehicles with proper maintenance can go quite a while without issue.

Will work on finding you a cheap car that you want to ride in – Our focus is to find you a cheap car that you would want to ride in and not just something that is affordable but you’re not going to want to be seen in it. Take a look at our used cash car inventory and you will see what I am talking about. These are not vehicles that look like hell that you would not want to be seen in. They are reasonably maintained with some blemishes from age and some are in perfect cosmetic condition with very little wear to show for their age.

Does not focus on financing – we do not focus on automobiles that require financing but rather on cars that are affordable enough to buy with cash.

Sells cars that are in a price range of $3000-$9000 and up – Our goal when it comes to selling you a car is to get in to a price range that is manageable for cash. That means we stay on the lower side of pricing so we do not hurt you too much in the pocket book. These cars are generally around 8+ years old but well maintained, mileage around 80-130k. We do look at the overall condition of a car before adding it in to our inventory. We look at mileage, cosmetic appeal inside and out as well as the car rating. So yes, we focus on cheap cars but we do look at quality foremost. Our goal is to offer you an affordable car that is quality at a great price!

So, there you have it, this is basically how we work versus Texas Direct Auto. I don’t think it’s that one is better than the other but rather it depends on what you the customer needs in a used car dealer.

So when you’re looking for your next vehicle and you need affordable and want to pay in cash contact us. Look thru our current inventory or let us know what you are looking for and what price range and we can see if we can find it for you. There are many used cars available in the market and we look at quite a few. So if we don’t have it right now and your willing to wait chances are we can get it for you in a reasonable amount of time.