Used Trucks & Suv’s That Can Handle High Mileage


When it comes to buying used Trucks or SUV’s is high mileage an issue? Well, not all vehicles are created equal and some stand out as being able to last the long journey to the 200,000 miles plus mark. Used Trucks and SUv’s with high mileage are a perfect solution to finding a vehicle in your price range. When you can afford to buy one with some miles on it and still get plenty of use prices drop when mileage and age come into play taking a once unattainable vehicle and firmly placing it in your price range. So first of all go to a used car dealer you trust and second use statistics that will tell you which Suv or truck has the best chance of lasting the longest since you will likely be buying vehicles with some existing mileage on it and 100k on the odometer for a used SUV or truck that is 6-8 years old is not unusual. So the real questions is does high mileage on used trucks and SUV’s matter?

Well, the answer is yes and no. There are definitely factors to consider when answering this question. One is was the vehicle properly maintained? Second is historically does this model Suv or truck statistically handle high mileage well or not. It does not mean that a vehicle that is not mentioned can not be a great used purchase and get to 200k miles or more were more looking at what are the chances of it based on available data on used SUV’s and trucks with high mileage.

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So here is our list of SUV’s and trucks that have shown that they can handle 200,000 plus miles on the odometer with proper maintenance. We based our information on a study that was done by I See Car’s based on a data pool of 12 million vehicles and which were still out on the street after they hit that 200k mark.

Used trucks that can go the distance if you show them some love:

Ford F250 Super Duty

Used Trucks That Can Go 200k Miles PlusThe first used truck on the list is the Ford Super Duty which has been around since the 90’s and is still going strong. This truck makes up 6 percent of what is out there on the roads and has 200k plus on the odometer. This is a very popular work truck and with its long production life, it has seen improvements in engine power whether you prefer a diesel or gasoline motor both have had increases in horsepower. We think this truck is also really popular because it comes in so many configurations and therefore satisfies many a varied taste. If you want a top of the line one of these trucks look at the King Ranch or the Platinum series for all the extras you can handle.

Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

The next used trucks on the list that can rack up over 200,00 miles are the Chevy Silverado 2500 HD and no that does not mean high definition! HD stands for heavy duty in this case and these trucks live up to that name all day long. This intermediate heavy duty pickup truck is a workhorse with plenty of towing and hauling capacity to handle most heavy duty tasks you throw at it. These used trucks have been around since early 2000 and are still enjoying production in 2017. The newer models come with touchscreen interfaces and the interior quality in the newer models is high compared to the earlier versions. You can still enjoy this truck in a basic work truck configuration without all the fancy schmancy gadgets but why? The main feature of this truck has been and looks to remain to be its tremendous work site capabilities making it one of the work trucks of choice still.

GMC Sierra 2500HD

These used trucks are basically very similar to the Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD sharing the same powertrain and core components but differentiating themselves with more creature comforts. Things like more chrome and a different look but the same reliable powertrain that comes with either a gasoline or diesel version. A Denali package is another thing that dresses up this truck if you want more comfort and looks. The newer versions of this truck come equipped with Quadrasteer rear-wheel steering which is something the Silverado does not have. In essence, its no surprise this truck is on the list since it shares the same reliable components as the Silverado and therefore can also go the distance just in a more luxurious trim!

Toyota Tacoma

This is the last used truck on our list of used trucks that have made the 200k mile mark. Is it any surprise to see a Toyota on the list? Not to anyone that looks around and sees this manufacturer’s vehicles all over the place. The Tacoma started its life in 1995 and was originally available equipped with either a 4 cylinder 2.4liter or 2.7-liter engine as well as a 3.4liter V6. The second generation got an upgrade choice to a 4.0 liter V6 or the 2.7 liter 4 cylinder which remained as its base engine. The smaller 2.4 liter was discontinued. The latest generation which is the 2016 models have the same 2.7 liter as a base or you can opt for a 3.5 liter V6 with Toyota’s D-4S direct and port injection system. While this truck is not as popular with the work truck crowd its a great off road truck and will still haul its ass off for you. It just does not have the heavy duty hauling capabilities as those trucks that come with a big diesel or gasoline engine. With a TRD package, these make for some of the best off-road trucks as well as giving you better gas mileage at the pump.

So this concludes the used trucks on our list according to the data I See cars has gathered. I will say that there are plenty of other used work trucks out there that can give you reliability and take you to that 200k mile mark. Trucks are generally made to be robust and take some abuse because of their intended nature so with proper care you should get close to the mark with most quality work trucks out there.

Used SUV’s that can make the 200,00 miles plus mark:

Toyota 4Runner

Used SUVS That Can go 200k MilesThis SUV is a very popular choice for bigger families that need the space to haul the kids around as well as pack up some stuff on a road trip. Toyota is one of those car brands that is known for its longevity and reliability in their vehicles so to see the 4Runner on the list is no surprise. One of the nice things about this SUV is that it has a third-row bench so you can fit quite a few bodies or fold it down for extra hauling space. Maintenance on the Toyota 4Runner is just like any other Toyota. Follow the maintenance intervals and get regular oil changes and you should have no issue reaching 200,000 miles or more with ease. The first 4Runner came out in 1984 and is now in its 4th generation. It has come a long way from the 80’s and is still one of the most functional used SUV’s you can get your hands on.

Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition has been around since the 90’s and has been an SUV of choice for larger families or anyone needing a large vehicle to haul thing in. The Expedition will definitely give you that big truck feel since it is based on a pickup truck platform but you will also feel that pain at the pump since it’s not exactly a gas efficient but if you want power in a full-size SUV then this is the right fit for you. If you are not in need of a large full-size powerhouse of an SUV you are likely going to be better of with something smaller that is powered by a V6 or 4 cylinder, however if you want the spaciousness and hauling capabilities of a full-size SUV that will handle a lot of mileage and keep on keeping on then the Expedition is a excellent fit and if you want luxury take a look at the  XLT which is well equipped. You can also choose in between a rear wheel drive or 4 wheel drive depending on your need.

Chevrolet Suburban

This Full-size SUV makes the list as one of the oldest production models. This SUV started its life back in the 1930’s and is still going strong today. It was originally a vehicle sought after by anyone that needed hauling and towing capacity as well as a third bench for packing in more bodies. Now the Suburban is a great choice in used SUV for families or anyone that needs a spacious and powerful vehicle with towing capability as well as hauling space. This SUV also comes in a 1500 or 2500 heavy duty version depending on your needs. With proper maintenance this SUV can easily exceed 200k miles on the odometer. So a used model with some mileage should not scare you if it has been maintained well.

Toyota Sequoia

These make for a great used SUV to own considering that mileage is not much of an issue for a Sequoia if regular maintenance intervals are kept up with. Not unusual to actually trip the 300,000-mile mark in one of these. New they are a bit pricey that is why going used might be the way to go for anyone that wants to save some money on acquiring one. The Sequoia comes in a rear wheel or 4 wheel drive version and always packing a V8 giving you the ability to easily tow a trailer or a boat as well as having off road capabilities. the cabin is spacious and has many creature comforts depending on the options you opt for. For a large family, this is a perfect family car that gives you room to pack them all in as well as the extras to go on a road trip with the fam!

Chevrolet Tahoe

The Tahoe hits our list next as a viable choice in a used SUV that can eat some mileage and keep on going. Maintenance, of course, is the key to getting the most mileage out of one of these road beasts like all the rest. The Tahoe hit the scene in the mid 90’s and has ever remained a popular vehicle. It has the ability to tow a horse trailer or a boat with ease as well as giving you room for up to nine bodies as well. So if your active and have a large circle of friends that like to go and outdoor it or you have a large family this is a great choice for a used vehicle. It also off roads well especially if you opt for a model with true 4 wheel drive power.

GMC Yukon XL & Yukon

Last but not least on our list of SUV’s that make a great used vehicle purchase due to the fact that they can go the distance to the 200,000-mile marker and beyond is the GMC Yukon. This vehicle is closely related to the Tahoe as well as the Escalade. One advantage it has over the Tahoe is that you can get this SUV with a Denali package that gives it a more powerful motor as well as a higher quality and more stylish interior. This just like the Tahoe has plenty of power for towing and seating for up to nine people.

This concludes the list of used trucks and SUV’s that can go 200k miles plus. This does not mean that these are the only used trucks that can go the distance. There are plenty of other Fords and Dodge’s as well as Chevy’s that are not on the list. These are just the used trucks that really shine that have been known to statistically go 200k miles or more. Keep in mind that most used trucks and SUV’s that have been properly maintained will go for quite some time. The maintenance and regular oil changes are a huge factor in achieving that 200,000-mile mark. It doesn’t matter what the statistics say if you walk up to a used truck or SUV and its beat to hell and oil is dripping then pass. Use some logic when making a buying decision on anything with high mileage on it. Look at the overall condition of the vehicle and look for signs that someone actually took care of the vehicle. Things like what does the engine compartment look like, are there any oil leaks, does the interior look like it was maintained and is the exterior all beat up. Just use common sense and trust your instincts when it comes to choosing a used vehicle. If it doesn’t feel right don’t do it!