Can You Trust Used Car Prices


Kelly Blue Book Used Car Price Used Car Prices are based on location, mileage and the overall condition of the vehicle. The thing about trusting any of the major online car price guide sites is that they all seem to have discrepancies in pricing a vehicle. Used Car Prices are as accurate as all the rest but the real answer to pricing a used vehicle really goes beyond what a car price guide can do for you.

So whose price can you trust Kelly Blue Book, NADA or Edmunds? These are bascially your big 3 pricing guides online if you are trying to see what your used car is worth or if you are looking to buy a used car and need advice on what is a reasonable amount to pay. All three of these guides use some of the same factors but the determined value can fluctuate greatly. Used Car Prices factors:


Your location is important and is factored in to the equation of what a vehicle is worth. So putting in an accurate location is important to getting the most accurate value.


Mileage is a very important factor because it determines wear and tear on the car since the more mileage a vehicle has the more it has had to endure which has likely affected certain aspects of the condition of the vehicle.


This is probably one of the most important factors that are often over estimated by the seller. Most used cars are not in excellent condition just because the years will have had a certain amount of wear no matter what. Now there are some used cars out there that are in pristine condition, however most are average to clean condition.


Amenities the vehicle comes with are also important. Things like dual climate control, GPS, Hand Free Cellular, OnStar and things of that nature also determine what a used car can go for.

What Truly Determines Used Car Prices:

The best determination of the true value of a used vehicle is to look at local prices for the vehicle that you are looking for. The guide may say one thing but the true detemination is market value in the actual market you are shopping in. So the real answer here is to do some of your own research and be honest with yourself on the condition of your vehicle if your selling or buying.

We all want the most for our vehicle if were selling or the best deal if were buying so use the online car price guides to give you a ball park and then research your vehicle locally and see what the market really says its worth and if your in the market for a used car and are looking for a cash car deal come talk to us!

And none of this is to say that you should not trust Used Car Prices or any of the other reputable price guides out there but rather to keep in mind that they are guides and that true values is determined by the local market.