Used Cars For Sale That Can Go 200,000 Miles!

Used Cars For SaleWhen you are thinking about buying a used car one of the first things that usually comes to mind is the mileage already on the car and how many more miles can I get out of it without dropping a huge amount of money into maintenance. When it comes to finding used cars for sale with over 100,000 miles on them you need to really use some logic on buying the car. I know it seems silly but trust your instincts when you buy used cars. Don't let a too good to be true deal sneak in and blind you. Look at the vehicle objectively. What I mean is yes used cars that are for sale are going to have some scrapes on them as well as regular wear and tear but other than that the vehicle should be up to speed.


With so many used cars for sale these days, how do I decide on which used car I should be looking at? Well here is a list of some of the ones based on a sampling of 12 million cars that are most likely to hit 200k miles and keep on going. High mileage used cars are the norm and the good news is most cars these days will go over 100,000 miles with ease and with regular service and maintenance a lot can reach 200k miles and more. The ones we have listed are just the ones that statistically have the best chance to get you there. So when you're looking at used cars for sale keep these models in mind.

High mileage used cars for sale that have shown they can go 200,000 miles plus:

Toyota AvalonUsed Cars For Sale That Can Handle High Mileage

So when you see a  used Toyota Avalon for sale you can take a good look at it but also know that it has a good chance to go to the 200,000-mile mark and beyond. We have seen these cars for sale with 300,000 miles on them. I guess it's no surprise that Toyota models would be on this list. A used Toyota Avalon is a perfect car for anyone looking for a luxury sedan without the luxury maintenance cost as well as the reliability that Toyota is known for. It's also a great family car with plenty of room in the interior to seat 4 comfortable and plenty of trunk space for loading up anything you want to take with you. When you find a used Avalon for sale with some mileage don't worry too much about that part just rather look to seeing if the car has been maintained and its overall condition. The Avalon comes with many amenities and the V6 has plenty of power to get you around. If you're looking for a used sedan for sale the Toyota Avalon has been a solid performer since the 90's when it was introduced and will likely remain that way.

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord has been around since the mid 70's making it one of the longest-running midsize vehicles around. Honda's much like Toyotas have a reputation for being long running reliable and reasonably easy to maintain vehicles. Seeing the Accord on a list of used cars for sale that can last 200,000 miles and beyond is no surprise. The accord comes in a  4 cylinder or a more powerful V6 version with either a manual or automatic transmission as well as a choice of sedan or coupe. If your looking to buy a used sedan that is spacious has excellent all around visibility and is just an all-around practical vehicle than the Honda Accord is a great choice for you. It is not as fun to drive as a Mazda 3 or some of the more hopped up sportier sedans but this car still drives great and will get you from A to B reliably time and time again.

Honda Odyssey

When it comes to finding a used Van for sale the Honda Odyssey has been a solid choice since it came out in the mid 90's. All versions of this Van come with a strong motor and spacious interior as well as a foldable third-row seat making it a popular choice as a family car as well as a vehicle you could easily haul materials in for that next home project.  For those of us that are safety conscious, this van has had excellent scores in crash test ratings. So when it comes to buying a used van with some mileage on it the Honda Odyssey is a great choice.

Ford Taurus

When it comes to high mileage used cars for sale the Ford Taurus really never came to mind until we looked around to see how many are still on the road and going strong. The Taurus has never been a huge looker. It's more of an understated car but it's a reliable performer. Generally coming with a V6 and front wheel drive. The V6 puts out a respectable 288 hp. There are also 4 cylinder @liter that is turbocharged which gives some of the best gas mileage in the sedan segment. This is a large sedan and all but the latest models keep the distinct large American sedan feel. It's large with chrome and lots of interior space. The Taurus SHO is a great choice if you want the horsepower of a turbocharged V6. The newer models have the sleek lines and all the modern amenities available.  In a used car that can slug it out with the road and win the mileage war, this is one American made sedan that can get it done.

Toyota Camry

Back to Toyota, we go with the Camry. When you're looking for a used midsize sedan for sale this is a great and easy to find choice. Thanks to its popularity ever since its inception into the US market. This car is widely sold and therefore is a great car to have on your list od vehicles to look at. You're likely to find a used one setup the way you want it. The Camry boasts a spacious cabin, well-placed controls, a smooth ride and great outward visibility. Newer models have also had vast improvements in the overall look of the vehicle. High mileage on this baby is generally not a problem. I mean it's a Toyota after all and has been in production since the mid 80's showing it can stand the test of time.

Honda Civic

This long-running small compact vehicle has been around since the 70's and it's still going strong. When it comes to used cars for sale that can withstand the test of time the Honda Civic is a great choice for anyone that is looking for a gas efficient and reliable compact car that needs little more than regular maintenance to stay running strong. Old models are very popular with the tuner crowd due to its cheap parts and being easy to work on. Newer models can now be had as hybrids as well so you can save even more at the pump. This makes a great car for college students or anyone that is on a tight budget. There are definitely other choices in a compact car when it comes to looking at used but the Honda Civic has proven itself over a long period of time and that is something worth considering when buying a second-hand vehicle.

Toyota Sienna

We find another van on our list of used cars for sale that can go 200,000 miles plus. Of course we're talking Toyota again so it's no wonder that this van made the list of vehicles that can reliably go from a to b for a long time. This van has been very popular with families looking for a reliable, versatile vehicle that also sports a solid safety record. The Sienna has been praised in reviews time and time again for its smooth ride and easy to drive manner. There is an SE model out there that actually has a sport-tuned suspension that really makes this van handle. Another bonus is that the Toyota Sienna is available in all wheel drive making it a great alternative to a Larger SUV.

Subaru Legacy

This is the first Subaru on our list of used cars for sale that can handle high mileage but it's not the last. The legacy is a great choice when you want a sedan but you want all wheel drive making it a great choice for anyone that needs all wheel drive to deal with adverse road conditions. Newer versions of the Legacy can easily stack up to the Camry or the Accord in amenities and reliability. Newer versions come with either a boxer 4 or 6 cylinder motor as well as updated electronics and some great standard features like climate control, cruise control, a touchscreen display, Bluetooth and a 4 speaker sound system and a rearview camera. There are several trim levels available offering plenty of upgrades to make driving more comfortable.

 Nissan Quest

Here we have another van on the used cars for sale list. The quest is another van that has shown that high mileage is no issue with proper care. When looking at this van we suggest you look at models 2004 and up as those are the third and 4th generation Quest which is more up to bar with the Sienna and Odyssey. Earlier versions of this van were not all that according to consumer reviews.  The new Quest, however, is a great used purchase that will give you a long and trouble free used vehicle as long as its maintained.

Chevrolet Impala

The Chevy Impala has been around since 1958. Its original concept was to be the prestige car that was within reach of the average American income. It achieved this goal and still does so today. Its large roomy interior is made to comfortably fit a 6 footer and be comfortable. As time has gone on the Impala has all the creature comforts were used to in modern vehicles. Also, more fuel efficient engines have been introduced to make it a great choice for those of us that want to save some bucks at the pump. When you're looking at used cars for sale and you see the impala don't pass it up. Give it a look even if it's got some miles on the odometer.

Dodge Grand Caravan

Your older Grand Caravan's were not your most reliable vehicles out there but if you're looking for a used van from around 2008 and up it's a viable choice. I guess the data does not lie and this van can make it to the 200k mile mark making up 1.2 percent of high mileage cars on the road today. When you're looking at vans let it play in the list but we recommend a Sienna or Odyssey!

Subaru Outback

The Outback started its life back in the 90's as a variant of the Legacy which by the way also graces this list. Funny how they came together when it comes to dealing with high mileage well. The stance of the Outback is a bit higher and more rugged so it has a different curb appeal than the Legacy. This vehicle was basically introduced as a crossover wagon and it does that job well. In 2010 it received the coveted SUV of the year award. It has been praised for its ride comfort for a wagon. If you want a crossover with off-road capabilities and great comfort this will make a perfect vehicle for you.

 Toyota Prius

When you're looking at Hybrids this is the one that virtually started it all. A used Prius is a great choice when you want to save on gas and if you are an environmentally conscious individual. The main thing to look at on these vehicles is that the battery is in good shape. A new battery to power the electric motor on this car will set you back around $2500 so that would be your main consideration when purchasing this vehicle used. Check the year and mileage warranty status on what you are buying as well. The batteries have been known to last twice as long as the manufacturers advertised approximate lifespan so that is the good news.

Subaru Forester

The Forester is our third Subaru on the high mileage list. Its early versions were based on the Impreza and were made to appeal to the compact SUV market. It was first introduced in the late 90's but has seen lots of changes since then and more recent models fall more in line with other competitive offerings in that market segment. Still, if you want a compact crossover SUV that is large and roomy with a nice interior as well as solid built quality, maneuverability and handling then this is a  great choice for a used crossover SUV.

Toyota Corolla

Looking at used cars for sale that can handle the mileage I guess you can't get tired of looking at a Toyota since they just keep popping up. Last on our list is the everlasting Toyota Corolla. This vehicle has been around since 1968 and is still here today.Of course, it's not the same Corolla but it has enjoyed all the upgrades that modern technology has brought along the way. This car has a great reputation as a reliable and still enjoys that reputation today.

So here we are at the end of used cars for sale that you can take a look at regardless of high mileage. As with all vehicles do your homework. Get a carfax or auto check and ask if there are maintenance records. Take a look at the car your buying. Look at the interior and trunk as well as maybe peeking underneath to see if there are any leaks. Listen to the engine and take a look at the oil. If its milky or gray and has any traces of metal in it pass!If you need some pointers take a look at our used car guide featuring some helpful tips on what to look at when buying a used car.