10 Best Used Cars For Sale Under 8000

10 Best Used Cars For Under $8000When it comes to finding used cars for sale under 8000 you do have some really good choices to choose from to fit that budget. Used cars for sale under 8000 you will likely encounter are going to be cars that are a bit older and have some mileage on them already.

So now the question is not only what car do I get for $8000 as well as who has had this car before me and did they take care of it? Meaning was it regularly maintained as per what the manufacturer recommends as well as has it been in any major wrecks. flooded or had any other kind of damage that is severe enough to impact its longevity.

It's hard to see if maintenance has been done but you can use autocheck or carfax to see if there are any major damages reported. When buying a used car for under $8000 you also want to look at the oil and make sure it's not gray or that there are metal flakes in it, look for any leaks under the car, check the belts and see if they look to be in good shape or not, and if you're in Houston you will definitely want to make sure that the air conditioner is blowing cold!


The Best Used Cars For Sale Under 8000

Toyota Avalon 2006 -2008

Toyota Avalon 2006The Avalon is a great used car to be looking at in the $8000 range. You should be able to actually find one for that price that might even be a 08 0r 09 if you're lucky. Toyota's have a knack for lasting and this one is no different. This car can easily go 200k miles plus without an issue if it's been maintained properly. It's a big sedan so it's roomy enough for a family and depending on the year and model comes loaded with most of what you would expect to find in a luxury car. The car has a solid track record and therefore is on top of our list of used cars for sale under 8000 to look at when shopping in that price range.

 Honda Accord 2007 - 2008

Honda Accord 2007The Honda Accord is another great car that you can find in this price range. Honda has long put out reliable cars that are made to last and the Accord is a model that has been around for ages and you will see on the road frequently. You can find this used car with a 4 cylinder or a V6 in it. In 2006 the 7th generation of the Accord was introduced which gave it a more updated styling, as well as suspension tweaks, were made. Gas mileage is decent for this car, especially with the 4 cylinder. There is also a Hybrid model for those of you that want to ride and be environmentally conscious. The Hybrid V6 also features a variable cylinder management system to help with gas efficiency. If you looking for a mid-size sedan that is reliable and well constructed then the Accord is hard to beat.

2010 Honda Civic

2010 Honda CivicAnother Honda hits our list of used cars for sale under 8000 that are reliable and a smart choice to spend your money on. Honda Civic's have long been a great choice in an automobile when your looking at compacts. The Civic has a long history of reliability and durability which is why you still see so many older generations on the road. Plus the tuner community has had a love affair with this car for quite some time. There are tuner shops that only tune Civic's and do it well. If your looking for a reliable car that is not just reliable but fun to drive, has a comfortable interior and good fuel economy the Honda Civic is right up your alley. This Civic comes in 5 trim levels so there is bound to be one that fits your needs if you're looking at a coupe or compact sedan.

2008 Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corrola 06 to 08If you looking for a used car for sale under 8000 and you want a compact Toyota that is still a 4 door sedan then the 2008 Toyota Corolla is a great car to look at in that price range. It comes with the reliability and low maintenance requirements that all Toyotas come with. If you look at reviews of this used vehicle you will come across nothing but glowing reviews. Gas mileage is excellent with 28 city and 37 highway. Enough room to fit 5 passengers and a well-built cabin are all part of what this car has to offer. The Corolla also has the distinction of being the best-selling model in automotive history. The car is reliable and gas mileage is excellent but the downside is she is not much to look at but she is eager enough to get the job done. So if your not big on the looks department but reliability, comfort and good gas mileage are your hot buttons then the Corolla will make you happy for years to come!

2008 Ford Crown Victoria

2008 Ford Crown VictoriaHere we have a homegrown vehicle that is tough enough to be used by many police precincts as their cruiser. You can pick up a used in good shape Crown Vicotria in the under $8000 range. The police version is the interceptor and you can from time to time find an ex-police car which can be a great choice when you're getting one of these. Mainly due to the fact that most police departments have a motor pool that makes sure all the maintenance is done. Also depending on the PD, it came from there maybe a lot of highway miles on it. The 2008 Ford Crown Victoria comes with a 4.6L V8 and easily carries 5 people. Now its a V8 so gas mileage is not like the smaller vehicles we mentioned earlier. Gas mileage is 14mpg city and 21mpg highway. If you want American and you want a V8 as well as a sedan that is big and roomy then this is the car for you. Consumer reviews on this car are a whopping 9.2 0ut of 10 on KBB.

2006 Subaru Outback

2006 Subaru OutbackNext on the reliable cars to buy under $8000 list we have the Subaru Outback at around 2006 or better if you can find a really sweet deal. The Outback is a great all terrain family mobil. All-wheel drive is standard on this SUV so it's perfect for family trips to the woods or where roads are not all paved and perfect. So if your an offroader but also have a family to pack up and deal with this is a great choice for you. The outback has plenty of power coming from its turbocharged $ cylinder as well as naturally aspirated  V6 engines to get you around and deliver take off power when needed. The Outback is a solid choice in a off-road vehicle as well as an SUV.

2007 Nissan Maxima

2007 Nissan MaximaNissan's Maxima has been a popular model from this manufacturer for quite some time so it's no surprise to see that the 2007 is a great and reliable used car to buy.  When you find one of these used cars for sale for under $8000 you should take full advantage of acquiring this vehicle. On cars.com this year Maxima has received a 4.7 out of 5 stars so that's pretty impressive and lets you know many Maxima owners love their car. This year is available in two trims SE or SL both sport a 3.5L V6 making 255 horsepower making 252 pounds of torque. Gas mileage is a reasonable 19 city and 25miles highway. Consumer ratings on the Maxima are a whopping 4.2 out of 5. With proper maintenance, this car is known to break the 200k mile mark on a regular basis.

2007 Subaru Impreza

2007 Subaru ImprezaThe Impreza comes in either a sedan or wagon making it a great choice for a reliable used car under $8000 for people looking for either. The Impreza comes with a flat 4 cylinder engine and full time all wheel drive making handling in adverse road conditions a breeze. There are several different trim levels available one which is bound to suit your taste. The Impreza WRX has almost a cult like following and those that have driven one usually fall in love with the car's responsive handling and power band. This year Impreza also received very good consumer reviews scoring a 4.7 out of 5 on cars.com. Gas mileage is a reasonable 23 city and 28 highway and horsepower on this car varies from 173 to 224 depending on the configuration you are looking at.

2006 Mazda MX-5 Miata

2006 Mazda MiataIf you're looking for used cars for sale under 8000 and your thinking on a convertible the Mazda Miata is a mainstay in that category. There are lots of them on the road and they tend to be priced reasonably. Also since most owners will keep this sort of car in the garage due to its rag top your likely to find one in good shape way more often than not. The Miata comes with a 4 cylinder making in between 166-170hp and averaging 25 city and 30 highway miles per gallon. So this is a fun all around sporty convertible with good gas mileage, sporty handling as well as being on the reliable side. Edmunds ratings on this year and model are 4.8 out of 5 so that is a great score when it comes to reviews by consumers that have direct experience with owning one.

2010 Kia Soul

2010 Kia SoulThe Kia Soul is a different looking car for sure. It reminds you a lot of the scion Tc Xb models. It's very boxy looking and definitely stands out when it's coming down the road. This 4 door hatchback wagon handles fairly well for its boxy shape and comes in two different trim levels.  The Soul is powered by a 1.6L 4 cylinder making 122hp for its base trim. The upper-level trim comes with a 2L 4 cylinder making 142hp.  The standard on this car is a manual transmission but you can find them with automatics as well as they were an option but not the standard. The Sport went from 0-60 in 8.8 seconds which is respectable for this type of car. On the downside this wagon has limited cargo room and is a bit noisy on the highway but on the upside, it has plenty of passenger room, user-friendly controls and is surprisingly fun to drive. Consumer reviews gave it a 4.6 out of 5 stars on Edmunds.

When it comes to finding used cars for sale under 8000 the ones we mentioned above come to mind as the jewels in that price range. There are plenty others that will also do the trick. Our picks are based on opinions by experts in the industry that have seen solid results in the way of reliability and lower maintenance cost on these vehicles. Always keep in mind on older vehicles maintenance has a huge effect on the reliability of the vehicle so it's important to look at all used cars objectively before making a purchase.