10 Most Reliable Car Brands

Finding the most reliable car brands can become the important first step in buying a used car as well as a new one. Finding out how reliable the car is before you buy it can save you quite a bit of money and headache in the long run. Knowing how much maintenance is involved and how reliable a car is before you buy can save you from unforeseen expenses.

reliable car brands


Check out our list of the most trusted car brands over the last few years. Always remember to also look at the particular car you want on a site like http://www.caranddriver.com that does reviews or simply google the year, make and model of the car plus the phrase reviews and you will come up with plenty of information. Another way to do it is to replace reviews with factory defects or known issues. Ok on to who made our list of most reliable car brands!

10 Most Reliable Car Brands


Lexus has repeatedly won most reliable car of the year so its no surprise to see it at the top of our list. Out of all of the luxury brands Lexus has repeatedly produced the most reliable vehicles. With regular maintenance, you can get high mileage out of a Lexus without an issue. The Lexus ES300 is one that is one of the most reliable models they have ever made with plenty of owners running one into the 300k mile range.

Some simple tips on maintaining your Lexus  - If the Lexus you own has a timing belt be sure to replace it at the recommended intervals. To get the most out of the transmission on these cars you should change the filter as well as the transmission fluid every 30-40,000 miles. You manual will indicate a much longer time frame but according to forums by Lexus owners, there is an indication that doing this as indicated above will lengthen the life of your transmission. Flushing the cooling system and replacing the coolant with Toyota only coolant every 40k miles will also help the longevity of these vehicles.


Toyota, as reliable car brands go, is probably the most solid performer of the last 25 years. Their track record of having 80 percent of all of their cars over a 20-year span still being on the road it's hard to beat a Toyota for longevity. Some of the reason they have that many vehicles on the road in that time span is also due to that they are the most sold car brand around. Here are some of the Toyotas that can just go on for what seems forever with just regular maintenance and

Here are some of the Toyotas that can just go on for what seems forever with just regular maintenance and replacing wearable parts from time to time. Camry, Prius, Land Cruiser, 4 Runner, Corolla, T100 pickup Truck and the Tacoma. These vehicles get into the 200-300k mileage range. Most are also affordable to maintain as well as operate which makes this car brand so popular.


Buick is the only American made car that made the most reliable car list. It's been on that list over the last few years. Some of the models that scored towards the top in their own categories made by Buick have been the Verano, Encore, Enclave and Regal. The Verano is one of the most top rated compact cars and can be found in the list of cars that rarely need a mechanic which is great for you and bad for your mechanic. With regular maintenance intervals, you can expect a long life out of your Buick.


Audi made the most reliable car brands list, which to those familiar this is likely not a big surprise. These cars have long been known to be reliable. The Q3 is listed on recent consumer surveys to be one of their most reliable. Of course, maintenance and repairs are a bit pricey on these cars just due to the fact that you're dealing with a german import. Reliability on these cars is exceptional which is why they came in number 4 on the latest consumer survey for the most reliable car brands around.


Kia made the list at number 5 most reliable car brand. Kia makes some very affordable vehicles. That is more their claim to fame than anything else, as well as gas mileage, being superb and now here we find them at number 5 on reliability as well. Some of their more popular models as the Optima, Sorento, and Sportage. These tend to be great cars to send a kid to college in.


It's hard to beat a Mazda when it comes to reliability as well as sportiness and they are usually no slouch when it comes to fuel economy either! The Mazda 3 and 6 are probably some of the most popular models. Also, the CX series is a popular SUV line. Mazda is also known for the only car manufacturer to ever produce a vehicle with a rotary engine. It's not surprise to see this manufacturer in the reliable car brands top 10.


Hyundai comes in at number 7. They are a newer edition to the American market and are known for affordable cars as well as having one of the longest warranties on their vehicles. Some of the more popular and reliable models by this manufacturer are the Elantra, Accent and the Genesis coupe which is a very reasonable priced sports car.


Infiniti is the luxury brand for Nissan and brings with it all the reliability that Nissan has to offer as well as producing luxury vehicles that are sporty and loaded with all the comforts one would expect. They line up consists of sports coupes as well as SUV's and sedans that are all made to be reliable luxurious and sporty.


BMW has always been known to be a reliable car. It is a luxury import so maintenance and upkeep are more than your Japanese counterparts but they are just as reliable. The 3 and 5 series are probably the most popular by this manufacturer and the 8 series is beautiful. All are made to go. It's not dubbed the ultimate driving machine for nothing. BMW delivers on that promise consistently as well as having all the luxury you could want in a vehicle. If you like to drive then one of these is definitely something you should at least test drive once and see for yourself.


Honda comes in number 10 on our reliable car brands to purchase. Honda has long been known to be a good deal for the money. They like most Japanese manufacturers make reliable cars that tend to last. Honda civic is a legend in its own right and a testament to the dependability of this manufacturer's vehicles. The Honda Accord, as well as the CRV, are very popular models. Maintenance on these vehicles can be done at any shop and is affordable. The cars themselves are reasonably priced.

This concludes the top 10 list of most reliable car brands in the US market today. This is not to say that other brands are not of quality but these manufacturers have risen to be the cream of the crop. So when you start looking for your next used or new vehicle take a look at one these makers models. We all want reliability and they have shown that they produce quality vehicles that bring that aspect to the table.