2014 Ferrari 458 Italia

 2014 Ferrari 458 Italia For Sale $229,990 with only 3,094 miles on it this car is practically a brand new Ferrari!

If you ever wanted to own the pinnacle of Italian sports cars this Ferrari 458 Italia is about as good as it gets. The one we have for sale here in Houston is in perfect condition! The pics don't do it justice you really need to see it in person to get a feel for how amazing this Ferrari is.

The motor in this bad boy puts out a whopping 562 horsepower and will take you from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds as well as topping out at a solid 202mph this car is a true racing machine.

The 2104 Ferrari 458 Italia for sale is a solid black exterior with a beautiful leather tan exterior. An automatic 7 speed with paddle shifters will let you work thru the gears easily if you so desire. Rims are in perfect condition as well as the interior. The styling is definitely that of a supercar and is sure to attract lots of attention. You see this Ferrari come down the street you can't help but look.

If you have any specific questions about this 2014 Ferrari 458 Italia we have for sale please contact us or call us at 713-481-6840.