2007 Ford Expedition XLT

2007 Ford Expedition XLT For Sale $5,900

We have a 07 For Expedition XLT for sale priced at a reasonable $5,900. Current mileage on this expedition is 154,208. SUV is in good running order and has no engine lights on. It's a perfect vehicle for a family or someone that needs to tow a trailer or their favorite toy behind them.

You can comfortably fit 5 to 8 people in this SUV also making it a perfect SUV to go to a work site. Plenty of loading room is also available and the rear seats fold down if you need more room for loading materials or equipment. It's not a work truck but can easily be a work SUV!

The V8 in the Ford Expedition puts out a nice solid 300 horsepower giving you plenty of power to tow or haul anything.

If you're interested come take a look at the used 07 Ford Expedition XLT we currently have for sale and see the shape it's in for yourself. Call us to make an appointment or contact us if you have questions.